The best corporate and teambuilding activity

What are escape rooms/games ? A type of physical adventure game in which people are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles,  clues, and escape the room within a set time limit – from wikipedia

Escaping a room requires all the elements of good teamwork. Keen observation, problem-solving skills, and proper communication are essential in order to beat the clock. It is the perfect activity for corporate groups to come together for one unique and engaging purpose. Build up your team’s ability to problem solve together and be entertained and have fun

If you want to succeed in the escape rooms by getting out within 60 min. you have to work together as a team. Many teams go through an “experiential learning cycle” meaning first you share the experience and then you interpret and what this could mean for your work environment and all the learnings combined (who took action, who solved a puzzle etc.) will give you an overview and a new perspective on your team and on teamwork and a shared “we” feeling.

How can Escape games improve the company culture? Shared experience, bonding, trials, successes is the glue between people in a company if you enhance these experiences the bond gets stronger and people will remember the big break through or the challenges they solved together.

Can you improve your Leadership skills with Escape games? Being a leader or part of the management group you have a good set of skills mostly technical skills (IQ) but where most fail in organizations due to lack of people skills (EQ). Escape games showcases the quality of a leaders EQ skills. Do leaders see tension and disengagement, do they always know how to solve motivational issues. This will help get the team to work together to reach the goal right there and maybe in the future.




How gamification and Theory of Flow blend

One of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted concepts right now would be “Gamification”. People think is all about gaming and computer games but is not. What is gamification ? It is the process of understanding game mechanisms and design techniques like points, level scoring, rule settings, etc. into your services, campaigns, internet sites – in order to drive participation and engagement. Look at your customers and engage with them like in a game where you can “earn” points or move to the next level of engagement or dialogue. Why? Because we love games and the rules, systems, rewards that apply. The theory of flow taken from positive psychology by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a perfect comparison to what you as a company want to achieve “the perfect zone” where the mental state of operations in which the person performing the activity is immersed in a feeling of focus and full involvement and enjoyment in the process. Take the sport rugby or football – players are running around on a field trying to get through all the obstacles (other players) to score some goals. They are totally focused and the reward is huge if they score.So the perfect zone is the right amount of challenge combined with the right amount of abilities. This is very interesting in a management point of view because a lot of companies are already working with gamification externally but also internally in regards to implementing achievements levels for personal development or simply to encourage and engage employees with their daily tasks.

FLOW Theory:


If you manage others do you know that some companies miss out on high turnover by lost of productivity? As a consultant in the management business for plus 20 years, you knowing about employee engagement and satisfaction is crucial to any organization. Experts at OfficeVibe made a survey concerning the high costs of low employee engagement.

  1. 88% of employees don’t have passion for their work.
  2. Employee disengagement costs billions per year to the economy
  3. 86% of business and HR leaders believe they don’t have a good leadership development path
    But as expert CEO David Hassle from the company 15Five points out in his latest blog article; 5 ways to improve employee development at your company it is of all the things you can do to grow revenue, employee development will be at the bottom of a very long list because managers do not have enough time at their disposal if they want to benefit from ROI right away. It takes time. But your people is your company, keeping them happy improves productivity and the revenue.

Here are 5 things you can do immediately:

  1. Make a survey in your company; get to know what the employees really think and want
  2. Work with different departments; no silos –  empower a cross working culture when it makes sense.
  3. Development and education; give them inspiration and new skills
  4. Team working; encourage team working and new settings
  5. Be involved for real – ask them how they feel get to know your employees 

Keeping the employees happy by asking them what it will take to make them happy at the workplace would be a place to start or simply be interested in their well being. It might encourage your employees and give a good positive experience which later would become a positive word of mouth and could attract the best candidates for your company.


5 things to engage your employees right now

How the digital landscape affects your change thinking

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Men standing on pier with oar and canoe

The use of social media is changing rapidly and it is changing our way of communicating with our customers and the way we think.

Lets start of with the volume of social media !

On a daily basis the social media generates a high volume of interactions. Source: Growing social media  and Fondalo

  • Twitter users send: 500 million tweets everyday day 
  • Facebook users post: 4.75 billion items of content
  • Instagram users adds: 70 million photos/videos daily 
  • You tube users watch: 4 billion videos a day

That’s a lot of sharing, posting and engaging.You need to be a part of the investigation and information process from the start. So how do we cut through the noise ?

The better you understand your target audience and their motives the better you will be able to solve their problems and be a part of the solution. A proper research together with your sales department who can supply with insights on current customers buying journey is crucial but it takes time.

Create valuable content that is relevant and educational within the industry or product segment. If you are going to be in the first half of the information stage you need to provide your customers with information and develop multi-channel strategies for downloading, sharing with graphics, videos and blogs so you can move further into the buying circle.

For the companies that can change and who can react to this ever-changing digital landscape will take the wins and adapt aligned with the future. Those who ignore this, this will be like loosing really great potential and worst case scenario, maybe not be around in 5 years.

Change thinking is a strategic move and a management’s determination. Let’s get started.

4 things to consider:

  1. Identify your target market
  2. Talk to your customers about their social media habits, ask them how they use social media.
  3. Create relevant strategies for content and understand the 4 C’s of social
  4.  Take action do not wait

Again to point out the numbers  from we are social 29% of the worlds population have active social media account thats over 2 billion. And according to Globalwebindex the avg. social media user spends 2 hours and 25 min. per day on social networks and blogs.


By Anna-Karina Haugaard from Insclux writes about Sales, new media, management.